Dear SAFC,

I am writing in response to your unnecessarily cold Q&A Web page about season card renewals. I have renewed recently through thin and thinner, including having to be removed from the Premier Concourse two years ago. Now I am completely conflicted.

I have travelled from Humberside to Sunderland every other week for over twenty years because I couldn't help falling in love with the people, the city and the club. I know that I might not be able to come next season because of this terrible virus. Yet I was still planning to renew my card despite the uncertainty until I read that dreadful page.

1. I have no access to a 'stream' whatever that is. I have no way to play it and this phone would not have enough data to play or download it. So I am giving you my money for potentially nothing?

2. Even if I could 'stream' why would a regular fan want the 'privilege' of paying over £300 when international fans get the same service for £115?

3. How can this be fair when people are paying different amounts for potentially exactly the same product? Season ticket prices vary for a reason: streaming levels that off. And some of us can't stream.

4. How can you, in all seriousness, ask families to renew? Why should they buy two, three, four, five season cards to receive one streaming pass?

Please explain the thought processes to us. I think that you owe us that much. You must know that you have angered a large section (if not all) of your uniquely loyal fan base. Surely you can do better than this?

1. Why not explain that you are in a difficult position financially and appeal for fans' help? The usual tactic is to promise jam tomorrow. 'Renew your card and get two 21/22 cards for the price of one, to introduce new fans', for example.

2. Why not go cap in hand to supporters and send out a survey to each and every card holder to gauge opinion on a range of options /intentions? . They may feel that they have a say in 'our club'! I know of another club who has just done this very successfully, albeit to a smaller fan base, and would be willing to explain further to you if required.

3. Why not, even now, row back from this suicidally stupid situation? Why not say that you forgot to mention that the 21/22 cards would be proportionally cheaper, depending on the number of behind closed doors games next season? It is not too late yet, but you don't have long.

History is important to Sunderland fans and it will not judge the architects of this 'omnishambles' kindly. Apologise, call it an aberration of the lockdown, and do something extraordinary. If you really knew and loved the most beautiful, passionate, loving City in the country you would do so much more to carry us all forward together as others have in the past. History is watching.

Yours faithfully,

John Carter

Adopted Mackem