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Alex Neil has confirmed that Leon Dajaku has been sent to Germany after being unable to shake off an illness. He's also issued another update on Aiden McGeady, who is hoping to step up his rehab soon...


“I did say we were really reliant on Aiden’s rehab, as much as anything else. He’s made better progress in the last seven days, and I anticipate him being on the grass in the next week, although potentially not with us."


“I’m hopeful that in the next week, he might start joining in training again, but it’ll be really reliant on how he goes over these next few steps in terms of what he looks like over the next couple of days, when he gets up to his high speed and all of that type of stuff. It’ll be a case of how he reacts to that.”


"Leon has been ill. He's not been feeling well and he's currently in Germany getting some tests so that we can see how he feels. I believe he was initially diagnosed with tonsillitis but he wasn't able to shake it off and it seemed to get a bit worse, so we've allowed him to go back home and were hopeful that'll he come back fit."


"That's where we're at with Leon, we hope he gets better quickly and we'll see how it goes [from there]. Alex is making good progress."

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