Lee Johnson has confirmed that ex-Bristol City defender Jamie McAllister will join his coaching staff at Sunderland. "Jamie was here today, helping to take training and that is one thing we are certainly looking to do," said Johnson. "I think it's important that we have some stability in the staff, we are not looking to come in and kill everybody off! We want to make sure that everyone has that security and then, just like the players, they can express their personality, I used a quote - and I hope it didn't make me sound like a d***head - but I said 'if you're not fired with enthusiasm, you'll be fired with enthusiasm'. What I mean by that is [for them] to bring their best out. If they are brilliant at talking one-on-one with players and make them feel special, do loads of it. If you are Buts [Sunderland goalkeeping coach Lee Butler] and you have a great personality and you can be the life and soul of the party and bring the banter, do that. Bring your USP [unique selling point] to the table. We have to make sure we communicate - we can't over-communicate at this early stage. It's not just about what I'm after, but it's about what they are after from me."

In other news, Denver Hume is set to be out until the New Year after picking up a hamstring injury against Wigan. “Denver picked up a hamstring problem and my guesstimate is that he will be out for three to four weeks with that,” said Johnson. “It's frustrating because it's a muscle injury. In six weeks’, time, I'll take responsibility for those. I don't want to see muscle injuries, but in this time of Covid muscle injuries have been up 45 percent across the board, really, from the Premier League down to League Two – it's a by product of having so many games in quick succession.”

“Charlie Wyke should be alright. It was just a knock to the knee,” he continued. “I've spoken to Charlie today, I really like him, he is a good player and I'm looking forward to getting him back and trying to get the best out of him, so he will be in the squad tomorrow. Jordan Willis had an injection in his knee and he has had historical problems with that knee. I've seen him out running on the training pitch although I haven't had the pleasure of coaching him yet, because he is still in the rehabilitation phase of his comeback.”