Lee Johnson has a difficult decision to make today. Does he stick with Remi Matthews, who lost us the Shrewsbury game, reinstate Lee Burge, who has made errors too, or give Anthony Patterson his chance?


“The first part is admitting it and holding your hands up, and they’ve (Matthews and Burge) been good like that. But then it’s my job to support the players. Yes, I’ve got to tell them home truths and make sure we demand things, but at the same time, between myself and my coaching staff, we have to accept that goalkeeper is a perilous position. You make one tiny little error and you’re punished. Remi’s error was actually a very bold error. I played with David James, who must have dropped 100 of those type of crosses, but at the same time he probably caught 10,000 and set us off attacking. I don’t mind the bold mistakes. I think the reaction to the mistake is important as well – not only from the individual, but also from the team because we are a family and I think you have to create that cause.


“It’s gone now, it’s as simple as that. You can’t be held at gunpoint because of a mistake you’ve made in a football match, particularly as a goalkeeper because it’s the way of life for a goalkeeper. You’ve seen it in the Premier League at the moment – top, top goalkeepers, internationals, really getting scrutinised. It’s just part of the position, and something you’ve got to deal with.”