Lee Burge reckons he has Sunderland's goalkeeping coach, Lee Butler, to thank for his penalty save against Gillingham. "We always study the penalty takers," he said. "We've got Butts [Butler] who put them down on a sheet for me before every game. We've got try and guess which way they're going to go and try and make them go the way we want them to go. We looked them up at where they go, we've analysed them and we worked on thinking about where they were going to go. You have to try and have a good memory because sometimes there's about eight people that could come up and take a penalty. But thankfully today one of the people that we analysed took it. I always try and analyse it, but it's how you feel in the game as well. You have to try and make them go the way you want them to go, and stuff like that. Thankfully, we got it right and I saved a penalty for the team. It gave the team a boost that we're still at 0-0 and we know we can go and win it now. It made a massive difference for us."

Surprisingly, Jordan Graham's spot-kick was Gillingham’s only shot on target on Saturday. "It was a quiet afternoon, obviously until the penalty and a few other bits. But that's down to the team, it starts from the front and I think we've done really well today and kept them to a minimum. As for the conditions, sometimes you have to try and make the wind work in your favour and try and understand it - where the ball is coming through the top, how much time you have, the skid on the grass - you have to put all those things into your game. Everyone has to deal with it so you just have to get on with it. These kind of games can help decide promotion and with the last two games, our form has dipped a little bit so it's good to get back to winning ways and with a clean sheet. Hopefully now we keeping going into Tuesday and keep the mentality of keeping clean sheets, starting from the front and earning the right to play our football. Every win is important and that's what we want to keep doing - winning games, keeping clean sheets and I think we're in the right mentality now for doing both things."