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After a crucial three points at home, boss Alex Neil has given his thoughts.


“I thought it was a tough match. Naturally when you don’t get an early goal the frustration starts to creep in a little bit. What we’ve got to do is keep cool heads and keep believing in the fact that will come.”


“All three substitutes came on and done well. We tinkered with the formation towards the end and it paid dividends. If that first goal comes earlier than it’s a different match. The more the match wears on and on then the frustration creeps in.”


“What I will say is that I thought the fans were great today. They stuck with us. It's much easier to expect just to come here and be 3-0 up at half time but that’s never going to be the case. We didn’t create enough for the dominance that we had for large spells, this is something I'll have to have to pay more attention to and make better."


"But you’ve got to give credit to the lads. They stuck to the task – first goal changes the game and the second goal was a wonderful bit of play and a bit of space behind them because they had to come out for the first time. It’s about getting the job done and it wasn’t a poor performance but there are certainly aspects we can do better.”


“All three subs I thought made a big impact. We were fortunate enough that that happened in the last game here. That's part and parcel of it we've a squad were the quality through the squad doesn’t differ too much. It just brings a different variety of tools in terms of what they can do. As you can see I’ve been trying to utilise those tools as much as I can. We've chopped and changed how we approach games but again, we get the win, again it's another clean sheet.”


“I thought Dan showed me something today that he hasn’t showed me since I’ve been here. I can understand why he’s held in such high regard I thought he was quality when he came on I thought he was crisp with his passing, he played with intensity, he drifted past people he picked passes out and he produced that finish which is great.”


“We need to remember when I walked in the building where Dan was at he was a young lad who had been flogged played a lot of games... taking him out of the firing line he looks as if he has got his hunger back.”


“The simple fact is everybody is saying we need six points and we did need points, I’m not stupid I know that. But it's easier said than done. “