Food For Thought

When is happy meal not a happy meal? When it is difficult to digest! On a personal level I am hoping this week’s episode v Blackpool is the start of change, it has been apparent to me for a long time the culture within the club is toxic and this goes back many years. We have had glimpses of better times under Poyet and Allardyce, but in essence, the tail had wagged the dog for too long at this club.

I hoped and prayed when the new broom came in, they would sweep clean the toxicity and remove from the club the parasites, who have gorged on the feast we provide as a club at the expense of the supporters. This is not just players it’s agents, managers, board members, etc. Not everyone is tarnished with that statement as we should never ignore the good people who gave their all for the cause. However, it appears that Instead of creating a platform for change and instilling a culture of value and integrity we have reverted to type.

My final point is based on what has been obvious to me since the end of last season, certain players have disrupted the flow and camaraderie of the side, a Prima Donna attitude. The players in question are not good enough to be Prima Donnas.

From My Vantage Point…