How Low Can We Go?

As low as it gets, this must surely be the lowest point in our great club’s history. I was disappointed to see Jack Ross sacked. He was doing a reasonable job and unfortunately our fans resulted in his demise.

With the benefit of hindsight, the decision to remove him appears seriously misguided. It is clear the players don’t want to play for Phil Parkinson as the performances are abysmal.

With Nigel Pearson being appointed to Watford I am not sure if Super Kev will be joining him, but if not let’s get him on board as he will understand the passionate fan base and knows what is expected.

I started the season with great optimism and hope, but I am now distraught as to our sad plight. I thought Stewart Donald would be the breath of fresh air that we needed but fingers seem to have gone off the pulse and we destined for another season of mediocrity.