Lack of Leadership

The quote attributed to Winston Churchill is: “When you are going through hell, keep going.”

Regarded by many as one of the greatest leaders of all time, I wonder what Churchill would make of the debacle I am watching at present. Leadership takes many forms, some people are leaders, some are followers and some just hide.

Over the last two home league games the visual lack of leadership from the three main parts of the club is very disturbing. The director’s box, on these occasions the opposing side of the box has more people than ours. My conclusion. Hiding.

The management. The bench is full and PP is in the technical area constantly, the tactics and the lack of player commitment are worrying. My conclusion, not hiding, but not leading.

The Players. If you take O’Nien’s energy, Willis playing through pain, Hume’s threat, Watmore runs, Power’s power and Kimpioka’s enthusiasm out of the equation we have a team that hides. My conclusion majority, hiding.

The culture of leadership starts from within, each person needs to take responsibility, but they then need to lead by example and set the standards.

I have been watching Sunderland for over fifty years and this is by far the lowest I have felt in that time and let’s be honest we have had some rubbish times.

But I will continue to go to games, I am not shirking my responsibilities, and I urge the above mentioned parties mentioned to get their acts together and do what we expect and roll your sleeves up and turn this potential disaster around before it is too late.

From my vantage point…