Do you ever think that your own existence could just be part of a dream in someone else's reality? I'm starting to think that. Judging by Phil Parkinson's comments after last night's humiliation either he's part of this fantasy or he's having his own.

He said we're down to the bare bones in terms of players, offering that as some kind of explanation or excuse for what had just happened. Am I missing something? That looked like a strong starting line up to me last night and for a club that has promotion ambitions this season it should have been good enough to see off Scunthorpe.

Hasn't Stuart Donald said many times that we have the biggest (and highest paid) squad in our own league? The mistake that the football hierarchy makes at any club but especially at ours is that it thinks it can trot out any old glib phrase to try and deflect the fans from what they know is the truth and what they can see with their own eyes - the blatant shortcomings of the management team and the players themselves.

If Parkinson can turn this round, I'll eat my own shorts (or even someone else's) but I have a gut feeling that my digestive system will not be dining out on anyone's under crackers any time soon. Has Parkinson forgotten to open the 'New Manager Bounce' box or just mislaid the key?

I was one of those who thought Jack Ross had to go (and still stand by that if we wanted to go forwards) but Parkinson seems to have just set the bar lower and we're now going dangerously even further backwards. Donald had a chance to shake up the playing side and revitalise the club by the appointment of an inspirational new manager, but I suspect everyone is now totally underwhelmed by what we've got.

Another missed opportunity. Perhaps that should now be the club's motto because, whilst we seemed to have arrested the downward spiral last season, we look like we're trying our best to get it going again. If this is someone else's fantasy, can you wake up please because I want out of it.