It’s a Sad, Sad Situation

November 13, 2019

A little background. I live in Doncaster with my 15-year-old son, along with my wife and daughter. To attend home games me and my son drive to York, pick my 82-year-old dad up and drive up for the match. We park at Ashbrooke and walk through The Bridges to the stadium. By the time we get back to Doncaster, after diverting back through York to drop the old man off, it is 2030 or on a night match anywhere between 0030 and 0100.


My lad has now lost interest, and for the first time in my Sunderland supporting life, so have I and I suspect I am one of thousands who feel the same.


My son has been to one home game this season. Sighting the poor football, the lack of quality and lack of fight. The Lincoln and Shrewsbury games eventually turned us.


I came up for the Southend game but that was no better. It was turgid, awful and boring. So, we are both at a crossroads. Do I once again do as we are told and keep the faith or not?


To be honest I am totally pissed off watching shite. Yes, we had the McMenemy years, then Butcher, Buxton and Wilkinson and many more poor managers. But the difference was we bounced back.


I just cannot see us bouncing back this time. The team is poor. No matter what anyone says it is the worst in our history. Throughout the team improvement is needed.


If it doesn’t come in January, then as a club we are in my opinion doomed for years. A good friend of mine is a coach at Doncaster Rovers. They recruit well yet our summer recruitment has been utter shite. So, my lad has chucked in going to home games. We are going to Gillingham as he hasn’t been. It will be my third time. But we are now only going grounds he hasn’t been to.


If we don’t go up this season, I will be pick my games next season. My Dad is not going to renew his season ticket and I will find something else to do. I suspect I am not the only one, because after 45 years travelling from Northampton, Nottingham and now Doncaster I have I am afraid had enough of being taken for a fool. It is a very sad situation.






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