Whenever I am caused to share my thoughts, it is usually when I have a moment of downtime, this no exception, shoulder surgery meant I had to miss the Leicester and Gillingham cup matches.

Before I was put under, the surgeon said I could dream of anything my response was for Sunderland to win the FA Cup, he said dream not fantasy…

The feedback from those who went to both games has not aided my recovery, there is a growing feeling of apathy and a resigned acceptance that we are in malaise and it may take a long, long time before we might compete on a higher stage.

I normally look for the areas of growth, the positives, the lights at the ends of the tunnels, rather than compound the negatives and sometimes the bloody obvious…

Tonight I watched the 2nd round draw for the FA Cup and watch the enthusiasm of non-league sides and ponder on how good it would be to feel that level of excitement for my football club and for me that is what is missing, I am totally underwhelmed at present by everything I see, hear and read.

In time my shoulder will heal, embrace my rehab and do the basics and do them bloody well and I feel that is what the club need to do, get the basics right and grow from there but whilst we are doing it give the supporters some encouragement and motivation whilst we are repairing, or we run the risk of losing many supporters on the way.

It’s not the winning it’s the taking part was a well-used phrase, I will be happy when we start to take part again.