The Weird Ex -Boyfriend

There are a good few types of Sunderland supporters. There are the ones who are just happy we are still going and hoping that we come good again. Enjoying seeing us winning more than we lose and pleased we have players who want to be here.

There is the weird ex -boyfriend ones who can’t quite accept we aren’t in the Premier anymore and that Charlie Wyke isn’t Jermain Defoe and make out everything was rosy before Moyes came.

There are the ones who were willing to give Stewart Donald a season to turn around the Titanic and send it hammering towards the Premier. Swiping everyone aside who dare to try to stop us.

There are the also the ones who probably accuse their lass of getting knobbed off someone every time she goes out for a night out without him. The ones who always believe there a hidden agenda. Don’t trust Methven and Donald, worship failures such as Lee Cattermole who is such a hero, he’s still taking money from the club who has paid him over the odds for most of his career.

Stood by him when he was wrecking cars pissed up in Newcastle. Applauded him when got sent off for wiping players out five minutes after a booking. He was part of the team who continually was involved in massive relegation battles season after season. He was that good he looked poor in the Championship and about average in League 1.

We were a Josh Maja away from getting straight back up. Something at the start of last season we didn’t even know we had. I wanted to keep Asoro. I thought he was streets ahead of Maja. Even when the season started and Maja began to start knocking them in I didn’t really believe he’d keep going. Up until around November then I realised we had a goalscorer on our hands. A fox in the box who could just smell a goal.

Donald has come in for all kids of criticism, but it’s beginning to turn toxic now. I didn’t see a big que of people outside the Stadium Of Light when we were relegated from the Championship looking to buy the club. However, with the help of Ellis Short clearing the debts. Stewart Donald has taken a chance that he may be able to turn the tide. Strip back this money wasting juggernaut of self-destruction and get it going again.

From what I can see SD is already an exceptionally wealthy man. Who doesn’t really need the turmoil of running a football club to make money? He was already more than set for life with his personal wealth and chairman of Eastleigh. So, I can only assume he’s either a very greedy man who just wants to make more and more millions for himself or he wants to achieve something an American billionaire couldn't and turn this football club around. I hope it’s the latter, I hope he’s done it for the challenge, the accomplishment. Not just for a quick buck, surely there’s easier ways to make money than Sunderland.

I’ve read people slating him for changing the seats recently. However, I think it’s made a fantastic difference to the feel of the stadium. It feels brand new. The signings he’s made have been questioned. However, if we’d went out and bought Maddison, Marquis and Keifer Moore in the summer we’d of complained that we’d paid a fortune for players who probably couldn’t hack it in the Championship.

Our main problem is we never replaced Maja’s goals. Had Grigg hit the ground running we’d of went up with Luton. The season would have been a success and Jack Ross would of still been here. However, Stewart Donald or Jack Ross weren’t to know that after buying supposedly the deadliest finisher in League 1 history that he’d go on to score less than a goal every 4 games in 11 months. The feel-good factor of last season has disappeared now, patience has run out and the novelty of League 1 has run its course. However, let’s just remember, things could be a lot worse, and when our time comes again. Which it will, it will taste far sweeter when get there.