PP Post Shrews

Sunderland lost their third away game on the trot with a poor performance against Shrewsbury. Phil Parkinson had this to say afterwards. “I can’t believe we haven’t got something from the game. We dominated the majority of the game, hit the woodwork three times, crosses flashing across the face of the goal...with the dominance we had, we didn’t just deserve a draw we deserved to win. But, as we know, it is about putting the ball in the net when you get in those positions. In terms of the way we set out to play, the lads moved the ball quickly, switched the play, got in some great areas, and I couldn’t have asked any more - but it’s that final moment where we just needed to stick the ball in the back of the net. If we had done that, we would have gone on to win the game comfortably. For us, the ball flashed across the six-yard box and we just needed one to go in. When you dominate possession like we did and created chances, and you compare that to the Wycombe game where we didn’t create chances, but we just couldn’t put it between the three white posts.”

He continued: “I don’t think you can put it down to confidence after we scored five goals on Tuesday night. Some days it just does not go for you and anybody who was at the game today will say we looked a very. very good side, but we needed someone in the six-yard box to stick one in. Obviously it’s concerning, but I think the manner in which we played today was good. It wasn’t a performance where we were second-best or we weren’t right up for the game or didn’t implement what we spoke about coming into the game, we did all of those things, but we just couldn’t score. If we keep playing like that we will win a lot of games at this level. In the last two games we have created a lot of chances and looked dangerous.”