LFL v Wycombe

I hope this isn't a repeat of last season's game when Wycombe put on the grossest display of gamesmanship I've ever seen; time-wasting almost from the off and rolling around in feigned injury as if to the manner born. I'm glad we didn't get their manager and I have to say I was underwhelmed when I heard of Parkie's appointment but after a brief period of reflection I decided his track record puts him in good stead and when I saw his first press-conference he seemed upbeat. Before his appointment I saw a headline claiming that Mourinho was about to get another start in England and I fantasized for a microsecond that he was about to join us...but then it passed. I was by no means a Ross hater but he wasn't going to get us any further and another spell in this league would be doom for us. Anyway, I'm on the train whizzing from Kings Cross upto Sunderland and after a nifty transit should be in a town centre hostelry to see the match kick off. After the shite at Lincoln I trust we'll try to do to Wycombe what Lincoln did to us i.e. bounce back impressively after a shocking display. We could well see a number of changes as Parkie makes his presence felt and I'd like to see Watmore get a good outing. Match prediction: 2-1 to us.

I got the team news as the train approached Eaglescliffe and was pleased to see Burge was starting as he's deserved it and McLaughlin's been dodgy of late. Watmore was also starting but Maguire was on the bench. The train was late getting in and by the time I got to the pub, got served and sat down I'd missed the first ten minutes. My friends said that we'd dominated until that point. The first action that I saw was a Wyke header that was well held by Allsop in goal but a whistle had gone anyway. Next thing Burge had to make a good save as Wycombe fought back and it looked like they'd just hit the left post from a free-kick so things were hotting up. Wycombe went one-up in the twenty-ninth minute when Charles shot home in a packed penalty area giving Burge no chance. The game had definitely shifted Wycombe's way after that bright opening of ours that I'd missed. We were pumping plenty of high balls around but as ever the tall defenders dealt with them easily. It remained 0-1 at the break and my mate said, “Same old shit!”

At the break we discussed which changes would be made concluding that we'd like to see McNulty and Maguire on sooner rather than later. In fact it was Grigg who'd replaced Wyke as we kicked off again. We started more brightly than we'd finished the first-half and pressed a lot more but McLaughlin should've at least hit the target with a low shot in the fifty-sixth minute. At the hour-mark it was getting time for another change and almost immediately Maguire came on for Watmore. With twenty minutes to go we made our last switch with McNulty replacing Leadbitter and I would've been happy with a draw at that stage. As far as I remembered we hadn't had a shot on target since that early Wyke header and even a draw was looking unlikely as we entered the last ten minutes. There'd been a number of injuries and it looked likely that we'd have a good dollop of stoppage-time again. Six minutes of stoppage-time were announced but the consensus around me was that it wouldn't be enough. A great McGeady shot was turned away by Allsop but that was our final attempt of note and it ended 1-0.