Parkinson Reaction

I’ll be honest, the appointment of Phil Parkinson as Jack Ross’s successor does not excite me but he’s here and he must be supported as it is imperative that SAFC get out of the footballing backwater of League One this season, because if we don’t the psychological and financial implications are serious. In fairness Parkinson’s lower league managerial credentials suggest he could be a success in our current situation and I wish him well.

The owners are currently taking a lot of flak from some of the fan base, but it is very contestable that calling them chancers, charlatans, asset strippers etc, as some have done, isn’t fair at this juncture in their SAFC tenure. Only time will tell what their legacy will be, but they inherited an absolute shit storm of a club and have clearly got things onto a far more even keel and in a much sounder financial position. If they ultimately leave and make good money it will only mean they’ve done a decent job in making the club a saleable asset.

Those who use such terminologies whilst hiding behind the anonymity that social media and message boards provide would do well to remember that we are in what is effectively Division Three and should ask themselves ‘why?’

Here’s a few names from our recent history whose inept running of Sunderland AFC arguably justify some of the previous negative tags being applied to them. Byrne, Bain, Moyes, Moyes’s agent brother, N’Dong, Kone (the latter two who basically refused to play for the club), suspect agents who sold us utter shite and those who oversaw them doing this, and a whole host more of people whose actions and attitudes contributed to our rapid demise to where we are today.

In truth you can go back to a manager like O’Neill, whose appointment was lauded by all and sundry, but who showed a total lack of commitment to the club by not moving to the area and who was allegedly often absent from his daily duties, whose football was turgid to watch and who, for a manager with his reputation and supposed love of Sunderland, was pretty pathetic and it all ended in tears.

There are unfortunately a host of names associated with SAFC on and off the pitch whose gross incompetence in our recent history has contributed to where we are now and the understandable frustration that comes with it. Last season League One was almost a novelty, but now it’s an irritation and we need to get out of this division this season.

Whilst the current SAFC squad lacks pace and needs drilling to have a set pattern of play and needs to be given more freedom which includes not being set up for large periods of home matches like the away team etc, it is still the strongest in the division and the new manager can surely utilise it more effectively than Jack Ross did.

Our lack of belief and adventure in the play-off final where we were flat, negative and generally uninspiring in a match of such huge importance (after having thrown away automatic promotion) unfortunately highlighted Ross’s largely negative outlook as did the Checkatrade final where we played a large chunk of the game without a striker on the pitch.

Parkinson will surely show more adventure in spite of a reputation as endorsing a pragmatic style of football and will hopefully succeed in getting more out of a decent squad than the very honest and decent, but ultimately limited Jack Ross managed to.

Maybe we may get some positive investment news too which would ultimately go a long way to hopefully helping the club move forward quickly. The MSD connection would bring business and commercial expertise into the boardroom that couldn’t be quantified in financial terms as these guys are the elite of the elite.

Here’s hoping! SAFC OK!