I’ve been very much on the Ross in team through the last year. He took on a monumental job that not many people wanted after successive relegations. He had the balls to give it a crack and he’s had a fair share of shit to deal with, but something has changed for me after the Bolton game. Why are we always the bridesmaid and never the bride?

If a striker is on a shite run, guaranteed that he will score against us, a team haven’t scored away for months. Definitely bagging a couple at the SOL (Accrington Stanley last season) A team of strangers cobbled to together in a matter of hours before transfer deadline come within a whisker of beating us, which would have been their first win of the season might I add.

The truth is we haven’t really played well for a prolonged period of games now. We’ve shown flashes of it. First half vs Barnsley at home last year comes to mind but we’ve rode our luck a lot of times on our small winning streaks. We’ve also heard the excuses: Rotherham are a good team, Oxford are decent, Charlton were a good team. Fuck me. We’ve got Will Grigg, the supposed deadliest striker ever in League 1. Aiden McGeady who would still easily get into most Championship teams.

Supposedly the best keeper in the league, Willis and McNulty who apparently turned down Championship moves to join us. Something needs to change ASAP. We have no leaders, no one going round upsetting people, Jack Ross might be a lovely bloke, I’m sure he is, but has he got the balls to tell them when they having a mare, judging by most of our second half performances I highly doubt it.

Charlton were in absolute turmoil when Bowyer took over, he couldn’t even name a full bench of subs. Yet he got them up, Barnsley lost their goal scorer for a big chunk of the season yet managed to get up. Luton lost their manager halfway through the season, yet still won the league. Bolton nearly went out of business and were playing the u23 team a few weeks ago.

The excuses are boring. You either have got it or you haven’t and I’m afraid for the players at Jack Ross’s disposal. Two men deep in every position. He simply hasn’t got the know how or the tactical ability to wipe the floor with this league. These lads need a system that they all know and a formula to butcher this league and unfortunately Saturday was when a lot of us finally realised it’s not going to happen with him in charge.