Ross Post Bolton

Despite a poor performance, Sunderland grabbed a late leveller to earn a draw against Bolton. Midway through the second half Sunderland supporters chanted “You don’t know what you’re doing” and “You’re getting sacked in the morning.”

Jack Ross had this to say afterwards: “If there’s any criticism, give it to me. That’s my job. You make decisions based on how you think players are performing at the time. We then find an equaliser. So, whether it justifies it (the substitution) or not, I don’t know. It’s my job to make those decisions. It’s fine - criticism is no problem. That's football isn't it? Listen, I'm a 43-year-old man. I've been through a lot in life to earn the right to work. I've dealt with things in family life. Trust me, it's not a flippant remark because like every human being, criticism is not nice for any person, irrespective of what walk of life they're in. But the strength of character to deal with it is a different thing. We didn't play well (in the) first half,” added Ross. “We still created opportunities first half, but we didn't play great. Our response to going behind was good, and then we created a lot of opportunities and on another day we could have scored more goals. In fairness to the players, their courage to keep pushing right to the end was evident because it looked like it wasn't going to happen for them. They got their reward eventually in terms of the penalty. But there was frustration in terms of the number of opportunities we created and didn't score. I've said it already, so it's not as if there's an elephant in the room, in terms of keeping clean sheets, we’re not doing well enough because it makes things tough in competitive games.”