Championship Ready?

New boy Joel Lynch reckons that our squad already has the feel of one fit for the Championship! Let’s hope we get there this season. "I feel like I'm coming into what is already a Championship team," said Lynch. "It's just a case of getting out of League One which is tough because teams come to the Stadium of Light and it's their biggest game of the season. I think if you put this team in the Championship, they would up their levels again - there is no reason why not, because there is enough quality there and there are some good young players. And the players that I was playing against last season are not as good as some of the players that are here. I thought I was going to stay on at QPR but their wage budget and the way they're going about things has completely changed, so I was in a situation where I had to leave. I thought that I will be straight back in and get a club easily but it didn't work out like that. I'd say it's been the hardest part of my career because I've always left one team and signed straightaway for another - I've never had that kind of uncertainty.”

“I had a trial with Sheffield United and I did OK there but I would probably not have played many games, so when another club came in where I would get more games then I was interested. But that fell through and I was back to square one again. I had the chance to move abroad but decided against it, and then the chance to come to Sunderland came out of the blue and it was an absolute no-brainer. People tell me all the time what a massive club it is and it is definitely true. It's the biggest club I've played for and it's a great chance for me. The club has had its bad times but it has to be back in the top flight and it has to be a team that is winning games - particularly in this division - and I want to be a part of that and play a part in that success and that rise back to where it should be. I'm not bothered about dropping down a division and money is not the main concern for me," added Lynch, whose has spent the majority of his career in the Championship with Brighton, Nottingham Forest, Huddersfield Town, and QPR. I've always in the past looked at the deal on offer where is now at the stage I'm looking where I can be successful. I've got to the point in my career where I want a challenge and I think this can work out well. I've never had that much success during my career in terms of winning promotions and what have you. I've always been at that sort of mediocre level - I've never been in the play-offs or been in a successful team so the challenge of coming here and being successful really appeals to me. I've always lacked that success and wanted it so badly and so now to come to a team that should be winning is a big attraction. So it's been good to have had a couple of weeks to acclimatise here because obviously I haven't had that kind of pitch training. The manager has been really good with me he understands how my pre-season has been and he understands that I have got to get some more minutes and get out on the pitch to get that fitness. He's just said whenever I feel right I can get in where I can. I just want to play games, even if it means under 23 games over the next few weeks and practice games to get that fitness. But I'm not expecting to just come straight in and play immediately. I know what it takes to play for Sunderland and there is a lot of competition for my position within the squad with players such as Jordan Willis , Alim Ozturk , Tom Flanagan , and Conor McLaughlin , and I have to be at my absolute best to get in the team, I understand that."