Watmore Injured Shock

So, it looks like the takeover will now happen early next week, but in the meantime Duncan Watmore is still injured. Somethings never change.

“He’s frustrated because he’s had this thigh injury, but he was able to train at the start of (last) week and looked good,” said Jack Ross. “But he just felt uncomfortable after training (last) Tuesday. I’d imagine he’ll miss the next two to three weeks again at least, and then we’ll go from there. It’s difficult for him because it’s been very stop-start for him for a long time. He’s proven he’s resilient,” said the Sunderland boss. “This is relatively minor but it’s still very frustrating for him because I imagine by the time he comes back from this we’ll be six, seven weeks into the season, which is disappointing for him. It’s a difficult part of the industry. When you have the two serious (injuries), that’s a challenge but I think he’s come through that. Then, of course, if you pick up other injuries that maybe ordinarily wouldn’t affect you as much it is difficult. I speak to him a lot, but if truth be told, you can assist players, and we do that, but they have to deal with the challenges that fall their way in their own way.”