Some Things Change

The general consensus seems to be that we have had a poor transfer window. That seems slightly harsh in some respects given the praise for Dobson after the Burnley game and the fact that Willis was sought after by Luton before we signed him. Verdict still to be formed on De Bock. Look at the outgoings though and on the face of it we have embraced our league one status with open arms.

I get that Cattermole is a divisive player. Some of us saw him as hugely overrated and, at times, a liability. Others saw a captain with grit and determination. Fact is his wages were astronomical. We are, of course still paying those wages, albeit over a longer term but in the short term it freed up a bit of breathing space.

Oviedo was canny at times and provided some ammunition for McGeady to sparkle. His attitude could not be questioned but he was a South American international used to playing at a much higher level, you would probably have expected more.

Baldwin going was an odd one and we can only assume the conversation was about lack of playing time. Perhaps Ross has admitted two centre halves are the way forward as our cover in this area isn’t great following the closure of the window. I’ll pin my colours to the flag here and say Flanagan scares me witless and for all his brute force, Ozturk always seems a fraction of a second away from calamity.

There was no Maddison signing despite everyone being convinced there would be and Greg Taylor has chosen the Bhoys over the Lads. It’s always dangerous to place your hope in the lap of misplaced rumours.

So, where do we go from here? Is our recruitment system completely flawed? Bolton signed three ex Sunderland players who probably all could have done a job at our place but were they any better than players we have in those positions already. I would argue not. Fleetwood signed Dunne who looked half decent at times but couldn’t make the much-changed Burnley team that we turned over. I’m not saying our window has been a great one, if anything I find it a little depressing. We are League One. We accept our place. That is sinking in a little for many of us.

I do wonder how Jack Ross feels about it all though. He has shipped players out and freed up wages and yet... we can only hope that he has faith that in financial terms we are destined for better things. That he will be backed in building a recruitment team to fulfil his ideas.

That he is good enough to see us through until January. If his faith in any of those is misplaced, then you can only worry. Until then we have a break and time to get players fit and for fans to sweep their feelings under the carpet. Give it a few weeks and I’ll be at the Stokoe statue two hours before kick-off ready to help the Red and White Army adorn the Roker End in flags. Bacon buttie from the ALS cafe in hand. Some things change, some things remain the same.