Ross Reaction

Sunderland lost 3-0 at Peterborough United and had Luke O’Nien and Charlie Wyke sent off. Jack Ross had this to say afterwards: “It is a sore one for us,” he said. “There are days when you need to take your medicine and deal with it. We are disappointed. It is sore but it is a long season and we have opportunities to put a run together and forget about this. It is strange standing here because people will have a perception of how the game went after that scoreline. We did well first half against a good team away from home, I thought we looked solid defensively and a threat going forward. The free-kick (from Marcus Maddison) aside we would have been relatively happy at half-time. We still believed we would win the game after that as well. We were on the ascendancy and after that things happened in the game that made it nigh on impossible to win the game.”

On the sending offs, he added: “First of all, as a general thing, our discipline has been good this season but we do have to remind ourselves of that because last season there was a stage where it cost us points. Today didn’t cost us points (already behind) but it did have an impact on how the game panned out. That is the learning curve for us. I don’t think Luke’s was a red card. I have seen it only once since, I will have to see it again. I think Charlie is two cautions. He has to make good decisions when he is already on a yellow. However, there was a large degree of inconsistency in what it took to get a caution in the game. I am fair in saying that and balanced. I have no complaints on the two yellows he got but there were an awful lot that went unpunished. The sheer inconsistency in what was required to get a yellow was baffling at times. My first thought is we will appeal Luke’s. He swings round but it was a grapple, it’s not a punch and not worthy of the reaction. I will speak to the officials and go from there.”