My Sunderland Story

I’m 16 and I went to my first SAFC football match when I was eight. However, I’m autistic and this means that things like large crowds and loud noises make me freak out and send me into a panic attack.

However, I’d been dreaming of going to a football match since I was five. So, when I finally persuaded my dad to take me the lead up was one of the most nervous yet exciting things I'd ever experienced.

Ever since then I’ve been going to games frequently. I got my first season ticket with my mum, dad and younger sister 2016/17 season and even though it ended in a relegation I wanted to go back.

Unfortunately, my dad didn’t renew the tickets, but that season went to a few matches and even after the second relegation I didn't stop supporting Sunderland. We continued to go to games last season and then renewed our season tickets for the 19/20 season.

Before I became so interested in this club, I would've been willing to move away from the North East when I had my own family but now I want my children to experience everything that I’ve experienced the last eight years.

I will continue to be proud of my roots and will support the club till I die because the red and white army is the most passionate fan base in the world and I will always be part of that!