Wyke Determined

Charlie Wyke is hoping for an injury free season where he proves his real worth to Sunderland fans. In 2018/19 Wyke was in and out with injuries and only found the net five times in 29 appearances. “Last year, I missed about six months altogether, which halted my time at Sunderland,” said Wyke. “It was a tough season. It was tough all round really. When you’re not playing well and don’t have confidence, it’s hard. Injuries are part and parcel of the game and you’re always going to pick up knocks, especially the way I play, but it was difficult. You get on with it, but it’s tough. But I’ll always give 100 per cent, I’ll do that every game, and I feel confident now so hopefully I take that into this season. I’ve got a full pre-season under my belt now and that makes a big difference.”

Wyke was man of the match at Rochdale on Tuesday but felt that it was a tough test. “I really thought Rochdale were good,” said Wyke. “The system they played, it was so hard to get near them and on another day they probably could have won. Last season, that would have been a game we would have drawn, so we’re thankful we got the win. You’d have probably thought last season they’d have nicked a goal, but we hung on in the end and it was a great three points for us. We’ve got three wins on the bounce now, and that’s massive. If you look at the teams that went up last season, they all had that kind of momentum. We’ve just got to keep winning games, keep knocking the wins off, and then see where we are in a few months.”

Charlie also admitted that he’d prefer to play alongside another striker. “I’d probably prefer someone up with me,” admitted Wyke. “Obviously, I’m not fast, so I’m not going to get in behind as much. When Will came on, I thought he did well, and we did alright together. He put himself about, and that’s what he’s good at. He got on the end of a few flick-ons and won some nice corners, and I thought he worked really hard for the team. It was good.”