Ozturk & Honeyman Craic

Alim Ozturk could be in line for a start against Portsmouth after impressing against Accrington midweek. Jack Ross explained: "I'm pleased with how Alim conducted himself last year and then in pre-season he's looked fit. The thing about Alim is that we will back himself and I know that he will have looked at Tuesday as an opportunity to make sure he stays in the team because he believes it in his ability and his performance was really good. Alim is a really good footballer. He can defend but he's also really good in possession and the other players recognise that. If you watch him, he can deal with the ball and he's brave in possession as well. I thought his overall contribution to the game on Tuesday was good. We went to a back after half an hour on Saturday at Portman Road so while a lot of the work we've done is on a three, a 4 should be more comfortable because they have probably done it more often. I think the balance in defence probably wasn't quite right and that has an effect sometimes. There is a tendency sometimes to over-think what you’re doing, especially when you’re in that little bit of a rut in the game, and you're not quite really at it."

In other news, George Honeyman has been chatting about his £400,000 Hull City exit. “It was a bit bizarre in how quickly it all happened,” said Honeyman. “It was hard for me to get my head around it. Before I knew it I was travelling down to Hull for a medical. It sunk in a little bit the night before the Tranmere game. It had happened so quickly that it didn’t really have chance to sink in. But I’m delighted to be here now it’s all done and in the past. I can’t keep thinking ‘I wish I was back at Sunderland’ because that’s not the case. I’m at Hull City and I’m going to give everything I’ve got every time I pull on a Hull City shirt. It was a really tough decision for me to leave. I’d been at Sunderland since I was 10 and I was captain of the football club. That’s something that not many young lads get to do. I was extremely privileged and it was a dream come true. But I think for Sunderland and for me it was probably time I left. They got a fee and I only had a year left on my contract. I’ve got to step up a division and come to work with a fantastic manager in Grant McCann. It’s also a squad that I believe is capable of great things in the Championship. I’m now looking forward to being successful with Hull City in the years to come. I’ve played in the Premier League before and I know I can handle it. That might be a bit of a bold statement after playing in League One last season but I’ve been there and trained with a Premier League club for a few years. I know I can handle that level and I want to get back there with Hull City. The manager is ambitious. I had a phone call with him and I’m exactly the type of player that he wants in his team and in his squad. That made things a lot easier. I know Cliff Byrne from his time at Sunderland and I know the type of bloke that Cliff is. I didn’t know the gaffer personally but I knew if Cliff worked with him then he’d be a good bloke. I spoke with Jack Ross before I signed as well and he had nothing but praise for Grant McCann as well. That made things a lot easier for me.”