Ten of the Best

We were met with sarcastic comments saying enjoy League One, which we did up until March. And although it didn't end the way we wanted there were many points and we go again next season. Here’s my top ten away days…

1: Plymouth. Stayed over for two nights as did loads of other Sunderland fans. Great scenes in the away end when McGeady scored the two goals, priceless. Games like that right at the other end of the country and with loads of Sunderland is what makes following our club so special.

2: St Mirren. Although this was just a pre-season game, it was a fantastic day out from start to finish and a nice 6.0 win gave us a bit of hope for the season ahead.

3: Bristol Rovers in the league. Another weekend stay over. It was awesome from start to finish. The away end is something else, no roof and standing terrace and again topped off by the result. What following SAFC is all about.

4: Peterborough: Simply amazing, although the journey back didn't feel so great after dropping two points, which went a huge way to costing us automatic promotion. But Peterborough was a fantastic day and was spent with great people. The scenes when we scored were unreal, just a shame it didn't turn out to be the winner.

5: Luton. Going to their place was a culture shock. For instance, going through someone’s back garden with their laundry either side was an experience to say the least.

6: Walsall. 2.0 down with ten men after Power got sent off, we looked nailed on to lose this one, but the scenes when Gooch equalised in the last minute were something else.

7: Rochdale. Again, a top day out. We played poorly first half and were losing 1-0 at half time. Wyke got us back in it, but Honeyman’s winner was amazing. Nothing like a last-minute winner.

8: Portsmouth in the league. Although the result wasn't what we wanted, they say it's not just the football itself, but the people you’re with. I've been lucky to have met loads of fantastic people following our great club home and away for over 20 years or more and I've been lucky to have made loads of great friends during that time.

9 Trafalgar Square: The scenes the night before the cup final were unreal. What's great about following our club is that we all know we have been terrible for years, but we don't follow SAFC for the glory, we follow them because it's our club and we love them.

10: Bradford. Once again, down to ten men. Once again, Max Power was sent off! But McLaughlin saved a penalty and we dug deep for the win. It was just such a nice change to have players at the club who wanted to play and fight for the club.