Think Next Time

I was disappointed to read Charlie Methven's criticism of the fans who travelled to Wembley, accusing them of being "too quiet" and basically not getting behind the team enough.

Then telling the fans that we have to get real about being in League One. Well here's a few facts for you Charlie. Those "get real" fans do get behind the team. We sold out of tickets for almost all of our away games, it costs the fans a fortune to travel the massive distances to support the team.

Plymouth is a round trip of about 700 miles. 32,157 was the average attendance at the SOL. The next best 18,223 at Portsmouth and 16,130 at Bradford. The league average was 8715, only 27% of Sunderland's average.

Perhaps the fans were a bit quiet at Wembley, perhaps they could see what was unfolding in front of them, and just perhaps many of those fans have been there before, unlike the Jonny come lately Charlie Methven.

His is a financial investment in the club, he'll no doubt be well rewarded for that, the fans investment is their heart and soul, their financial investment takes a lot more out of their pocket in real terms than it does any director's.

The average investment by the fans, their hard work and also paying for their children to go to matches is far more than just "getting real" about being in League One. Of all the people to blame for the club’s current predicament, the lifelong fans should be last on the list. Just think on before you have any more to say Mr Methven.