Catts Craic

Lee Cattermole has been chatting about his penalty miss, needing to beat Pompey and finishing the season on a high. “I’ve moved on from what happened. I was gutted when I missed, but the main reason I was gutted was because I really enjoyed the game. It was a brilliant game, and I felt good stepping up. It never even entered my head that I might miss the penalty, I never thought I’d miss it. It was disappointing, but hopefully we’ll go back there and set up a different ending. That’s the aim. The only thing I was disappointed with is that I was getting cramp in my groins,” he said. “I’ve never felt my legs like that. When I was walking, I felt like I couldn’t stand up straight – my legs were going. It was so hot on the day as well. That was the only thing I was a little bit disappointed with – maybe I should have got my legs rubbed in that time (between the end of extra-time and penalties), or maybe I should have jogged up rather than walking up? I just thought at the time, ‘Was that a bit silly?’ We had lads who had come on and were a bit fresher, but it wasn’t the worst penalty you’ve ever seen. Ultimately, it was just one of those things.”

“I think it would be harsh to say we’ve underachieved. With the change in the club, from the end of last season to where we are now, I think we’ve come a long way. You can see the atmosphere, every game, every away ground we’ve been to, it’s been like a cup competition for us every game, but we’ve handled it. We’ve brought a lot of new players in, new staff, new ownership – almost everything you can change at a football club, we’ve done that this year. We are now entering the final period of the season. It’s a new competition, so we need to freshen things up again and go again. We’ve got two games, and then hopefully another trip to Wembley. In two or three weeks’ time, we’ll find out whether it’s been a failure this season or not. If we don’t go up, I’ll be viewing it as a failure, but I still think we’ve got a strong chance of doing what we set out to do. I think we’ve maybe gone a little bit soft in the last few weeks,” said Cattermole. “I think the equaliser at Peterborough really affected us. If we’d won that, I’d have really fancied us to go on and win the next couple as well. We’ve played okay in games, but the last couple of results against Fleetwood and Southend have been poor. That’s not acceptable. From where we’ve been this season, that’s a massive backward step. Let’s hope that was just people with half an eye on the play-offs. We’re in the play-offs now, and I believe we’re the team no one wants. Over two legs against Portsmouth, you’ve got to fancy us.”