Show Some Balls

No one is happy at SAFC’s recent capitulation and the fact that the team has squandered a fantastic opportunity to gain automatic promotion. However, some of the vitriolic criticism of the owners, players and manager is simply not on. Mainly construed by faceless keyboard warriors on social media, this sudden, hindsight induced belittling of seemingly everyone from the tea wifey upwards is pathetic and will do nothing to help the lads’ fate in the play offs.

There is still absolutely everything to play for and we all need to stick together to try and achieve the goal of promotion to the Championship and leave any recriminations and analysis of this campaign until our final game has finished, hopefully as Wembley winners.

I’m as pissed off as the next fan at the manner in which some Sunderland have blown a glorious opportunity to go up automatically, but everything is still there to play for but it will only be achieved by unity.

Some of the personal stuff directed at Stewart Donald, for example, is ridiculous. Suggesting he bought Grigg and that Ross didn’t want him is one of those urban myths that gathers gravity until many actually believe it!

Making personal comments about his family and such like is the work of spineless people who quickly forget everything he has done at SAFC to date after inheriting a mess of Armageddon like proportions caused by the incompetent but highly paid charlatans who oversaw the club before he, Charlie Methven and Juan Sartori came in. Everything’s currently far from perfect but it’s a damn sight better than it was in the summer of 2018.

So let’s get behind the team and this Saturday at 7:30 v Portsmouth at the SoL let’s put all differences aside and scare the shit out of those cocky Pompey players and fans. Make it horrid, make it hostile, make it what we know it can be...