Keep The Faith

Whilst Peterborough’s last gap equaliser on Monday was definitely a kick in the proverbials for everyone connected with SAFC, it’s essential that the whole fan base stays united behind the club and the team as they need us more than ever in the run in, including the play offs if that’s what it comes to.

The chance of finishing second is not dead but it would seem we will need to win all three of our remaining games to stand any chance of automatic promotion.

A minority of fans criticising individual players and the manager in a vitriolic manner need to take a step back and look at how our club has moved forward on and off the pitch this season and realise that showing a bit of drive and passion now will be far more helpful and energising than slagging all and sundry in their misguided wake.

We all know we’ve drawn too many games, thrown away too many points, but this league was never going to be the cakewalk many anticipated. Sheffield United, Leeds and others spent several seasons in League One not long ago. History and support does not entitle a club to success, it has to be earned. That’s why there are some far bigger clubs outside the top flight than in it.

Putting things simply, let’s all put our frustrations aside and do everything we can to help the team. In truth any venom should be directed towards previous regimes who got us into a situation where we were heavily in debt and playing third tier football because of their gross incompetence and arrogance. Byrne, Congerton, Moyes, Bain etc for starters. Let’s turn that frustration into noise on Saturday when Pompey come to town.

Jack Ross and the current players are as honest as the day is long and the new owners have clearly done a lot of work to reconnect the fans and club, a relationship that was at the lowest ebb in the club’s history.

Let’s keep our heads and hope a few around us lose theirs. The season is still very much to play for, we can’t give up on everything now after the work that has gone on since last summer’s takeover.

KTF. We are Sunderland