Red & White Army

The Red and White Army has raised £10,000 and will launch a flag display in the Stadium of Light’s Roker End before the Coventry game. Chairman of RAWA, Andrew Hird said: "This initiative comes directly from the club’s supporters, and it's absolutely not a replica of the club-led displays you see from time to time, where they produce thousands of plastic flags and paper clappers. Throughout the last eight months, we have worked closely with the club to identify how we can improve the atmosphere at the Stadium of Light, and although we recognise that flags and scarves don’t make noise, we believe this pre-match display can be the spark that ignites our support and cements the Roker End as our true home end. Coupled with the Captain’s Mural that was unveiled in January, this is just the start, and we hope that it will continue to grow in the coming months and years, as further supporters are encouraged to bring their own creations to life.”

Charlie Methven added: “The re-naming of the South Stand to the Roker End was just the start, and thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the Sunderland fans, I believe it will quickly become an iconic element of the matchday experience at the Stadium of Light. Thousands have been heavily involved in making the Roker End a reality, from the re-naming to the Captain’s Mural, and this is the latest step towards creating something truly special that represents the people at the club’s core – the fans. We have witnessed the power of our support throughout the season, and it will be more valuable now than ever before, as Jack Ross and his players strive to seal an instant return to the Championship. So, arrive early this weekend and whether you are in the Roker End or not, let’s create an atmosphere between now and the end of the campaign that fires up the Lads and pushes them over the line.”