Pre Burton Presser...

Here’s Jack Ross’ pre-Burton press conference…

Ross on the bounce back from Wembley

"We spoke last week about the significance of the games post Wembley regardless of the result. To win those two games, not just on the back of the way the game panned out for us, but for what it took out for us emotionally and physically, was really good. They are a good side. They are only one of two teams to beat us in the league this season and they deserved to win that day.”

Ross’ thoughts on Burton

"If you look at some of their results and their run in the League Cup and being in the Championship last season, they are dangerous opponents. We have difficult games in the run-in, like every team has, but it is nice to be back at home and we understand the importance of tomorrow evening. Any team that has come to our stadium this year has always responded to the atmosphere and the environment. I have never really taken into account where a team is in the table. Naturally, when you get to this stage of the season there will be teams who fall in the bracket Burton are in at the moment. The reality is that we are playing against a very good team and a team who has played well against us this season."

Ross on the fringe players stepping up

"I wouldn't label them fringe players because I think they are good players who have already played a part this season. Just recently they have found themselves out of the team, but it is testament to their professionalism, how they have looked after themselves and how they have responded to what we have asked from them in training over the period they have been out of the team. They have all come in and produced a really good performance level and we will need the whole squad in this final period. It doesn't encourage you to rotate the team, but it gives you encouragement that if you do so you are bringing in more good players."

Ross on Dylan McGeough’s form

"When he came in at first, I think he was in a really good place. He picked up an injury at the start of the season then I think his start of the season was a little bit fragmented and he wasn't able to get a flow. He has still played the equivalent of 20 games this season when you look at minutes on the pitch which is a decent chunk of the season given, he had these little niggling injuries. I brought him in to play at the levels I know he is capable of and he has been back at those levels over the last couple of games. I don't think he has been poor in previous games, but it has been about getting him back to his very best and he has shown that over the last couple of matches."

Will Aiden McGeady return to the squad?

"He remains doubtful. He did a little bit this morning and we will see how he reacts over the course of the day and tomorrow morning and make a decision from there. It is a balance between tomorrow evening and the other games remaining and we want to make sure he is available for that significant period of time."

Ross on the final stretch

"I have enjoyed the games this season against the teams at the top of the table. I think, by and large, we have performed well in them and I think it suits our group of players. I imagine each and every one of those games, atmosphere-wise, is going to be terrific and the crowds will get bigger at home in this period as well. I genuinely don't think it makes a difference at this stage of the season whether we are playing a team at the bottom of the table or a team at the top. The truth is the anxiety levels will go up for any team involved chasing success. On paper, people might look at it and think we have the more challenging run-in."

Ross’ thoughts on the game in hand

"When we looked at the other teams with points on the board, for me they were in a better position. Irrespective of the number of games you have to earn points and those teams had done that. What we have done now is get ourselves in a good position and we have this advantage now in terms of having games to play. But it is only an advantage if we go and win. Tomorrow evening is big for us. It becomes our most important game of the season. It sounds cliched, but it is the truth. Wednesday was our biggest game of the season, then it was Saturday, then it was Tuesday. That has got to be our mindset until we get to the stage where we have achieved what we want, and we have games to spare. The mentality of the group has to be like that, and I have no concerns as to where they are at. I think the whole squad have bought into that. I think they are excited about these final four weeks of the season. I don't sense any nervousness; it is more an anticipation of the games and relishing the challenge that they have."

Ross on Barnsley’s defeat at the weekend

"I didn't know the other results until a little bit after the game. It was more being delighted to a man, after winning the game in that way and the support we had down with us. We put a huge amount into the second half and that is why the players were so delighted. There is an understanding of the significance of every game. I don't really get concerned about what other teams are doing because the truth is if we win every game, we will gain promotion. That is still the case irrespective of what any other team does."

Finally, an injury update

"Lee Cattermole is still absent; Lynden Gooch is also out along with Chris Maguire, Duncan Watmore, Reece James and Adam Matthews. (On Gooch) you can have seven to ten days with these injuries, he's had a couple of similar ones this season."