The Cleansing Final

This weekend, and specifically SAFC v Pompey tomorrow afternoon is, in my mind, The Cleansing Final.

An opportunity to draw a metaphorical mark in the sand to hopefully welcome in a new era and say good riddance to the cheats and charlatans who nearly took SAFC to the abyss of administration and all the associated logistical and physical nightmares that go with it.

Make no mistake, we were near to a real life footballing catastrophe. We all know who the incompetents were on the administrative, managerial and playing side, who over the last few years, took our famous old club down two divisions and not giving a shit whilst they did so.

Cutting a potentially long story short, let’s all just go to Wembley this weekend and have a bloody good time, whatever that constitutes in your book just enjoy yourselves and as always, ‘We are Sunderland. No one is better than us.”