Let's Win The Cup

Jack Ross is determined to go to Wembley and bring back the cup. “There’s been a lot of loyalty and a lot of commitment shown by them this season, and a lot of that was shown before a ball was kicked when things were relatively unknown because of all the changes going on at the club,” he said. “Hopefully at times in the league we’ve rewarded that. But this is a good chance to give them that obvious reward with the weekend away, and the next step for us is to deliver them that trophy. I know they will go and enjoy the occasion, but they’ll only really enjoy it if we win. The goal for us is that when the full-time whistle goes, they’re staying in the stadium because they’re celebrating us winning the trophy. If we can do that it’s a starting point. It by no means makes up completely for the disappointments of previous years, but it is a starting point. When you get to the end of any competition and you’re still in it and with a chance to win silverware, then the realities of what that means becomes more apparent. There’s no point working as hard as we have to get to the final, with the knock-on effect of not having a league game this weekend and stuff, and then not going and winning it. That would hurt and it would be sore, and it would be wasteful. There are so many motivating factors to win on Sunday, the obvious ones people will be aware of, but there’s so many more than just the obvious ones as well. With where the club’s been, it clearly means a lot.”

Aiden McGeady may have a drawer full of medals but he’d love to add another to his collection on Sunday. “It’s obviously a big game. When you say the name Checkatrade it won’t be high on everyone’s list but it’s a final, it’s a chance to win a trophy and it’s possibly a turning moment in this club’s fortunes, a complete contrast to the last three, four years. There’s that positivity, something to look forward to – winning a trophy. You can never turn your nose up at that. It’d be right up there because players can go through their whole career not winning anything. To be part of something, to be champions or to get promoted would be great, it would be special because it would be one of those times where you set out to do something and it actually does happen. If we do get promoted, which is obviously what we’re all trying to achieve, it will be great to be part of something. Everybody wants to be part of a winning team. I’ve played there before with Ireland and in a pre-season tournament but I’ve never played there in a final or anything like that. It’ll be good and obviously it being a sell-out is fantastic. It looks like being a bigger crowd this weekend than when I played there for Ireland and that says a lot. Everyone connected with Sunderland is wanting tickets for the game. It’s probably one of the biggest games the club’s had for quite a few years. It being at Wembley makes it that bit extra special, I think. It’s not just a Checkatrade game, it’s something else. When a final’s played at another ground it’s not quite the same. Just that name and the history that goes with it is something that everyone wants to do in their careers, play in a final at Wembley.”