Post Wycombe Presser

Duncan Watmore’s goal sealed a point for the Black Cats in a hot-tempted affair that saw three red cards in the finals few minutes. Jack Ross had this to say afterwards: “We have to take responsibility for our behaviour, and so do Wycombe. Both technical areas have to take responsibility, and you can’t blame an official for that, but I thought the whole game had a lack of control over it. I can’t quite believe, after some of the additional time that’s been added this season, that there was only six minutes added today. The number of times the game was stopped was quite incredible. The game always had that little feel around it, but what happens at the end is not good. I have no issue with my players looking after each other and my staff looking after each other, but it has to be within reason. I haven’t watched it again, but we’ve got footage of it and we’ll watch it again. It’s something I need to look at. I honestly don’t know what went on. I saw a lot of people coming together, but I’m going to go and speak to the referee to get clarity on it. Once I have clarity on it, I can look at everything and assess whether or not it was justified. If it was justified, there’s nothing we can do about it. If it was not, we will look at it from there.”

Ross also spoke about Duncan Watmore’s late leveller: “First of all, I’m really pleased for Duncan. We all know what he’s been through in the last couple of years. He’s come through another barrier with the goal in the Checkatrade, but to score in a league match, and score such an important goal, is another milestone for him. I wasn’t too enamoured with the tackle on him at the end, I thought it was a poor challenge. I thought it was a straight red rather than another yellow, and he’s a bit sore at the moment. But it’s his ankle. It’s a separate injury, although it’s still not brilliant for him after he’s had such a long time out. I’ve not spoken to any of the medical staff about Tom. It’s a head injury, but I’m not sure how he was on the pitch at the time. We have to assess that and look at it from the protocol side of things as well. I try and remain fairly clear-headed through it all, but we didn’t play well today and I don’t want to take away from the fact that we weren’t good, particularly in the first half. There was nothing we didn’t expect in terms of how the game was played and what we would face, we just didn’t deal with it as well as we would have liked, and sometimes that happens. Individually, a lot of us were below par, and collectively we were as well. We did as much as we could in terms of personnel and shape changes, and I thought in the second half we had a bit more purpose about us, even though we still didn’t play that well. It just wasn’t a good day for us. So to then dig something out of the match is testament to the players again. There’s a strength of character not to be beat, and they’ve shown that time after time. It’s not an easy thing to do. They could easily have lost heart because of the way the game was going for us, but it was a good response from them in the end.”