Post Oxford

Sunderland surrendered 1-0 lead late on as Marcus Browne scored a late equalizer at the Kassam Stadium. Jimmy Dunne scored the opener midway through the first half, but Sunderland failed to build on the lead and went another game without scoring more than a single goal in a game. Browne equalized with only three minutes of normal time left on the clock. Jack Ross had this to say afterwards: “I think it’s a free-kick, although as I always say, I’ve got the benefit of watching it again. It’s not a ridiculously bad decision - it’s not like Jerome has cleaned him out – but it’s probably one of the easier free-kicks to give throughout a game, so not to get it is highly unusual. It does affect the game, I’m always loath to use refereeing decisions as an excuse but at that time in the match, how the match was poised, it obviously has an impact on the result which is frustrating and disappointing. It’s a free-kick. I still think we could defend it better from then, I think Jack (Baldwin) should stay on his feet rather than committing to Jerome in the box. But it’s very frustrating for us. It’s my job to make sure I pick the players up again. We’ve got a huge seven days from Tuesday, three games at home, it’s massive for us. There’s no point disguising that. If we win, we’re in an okay position. If not, we deserve a bit of criticism. Any time we don’t win, it’s deemed as not good enough. But the reality is away games are tough, Oxford didn’t make it easy today. But the only way the point becomes of any benefit is if you win those home games. They’re not season-defining, but they are vitally important.”