Josh £s Pays Off Khazri Debt

So, Josh Maja has completed his move to Bordeaux. The fee is £1.5m, which could rise to £3.5m if he has an amazing career, but because we still owe the French club for Wahbi Khazri, we have lost our top scorer, for the second season running, and will effectively get nothing for him. Stewart Donald said: "[Bordeaux] are keeping some of it as we owe then money for July. It won't affect our ability to do deals over the next few days. Just means we have fewer legacy payments to make in July now, but we did have those covered anyway. Club is debt free bar legacy payments to players which we agreed to cover. We have mentioned that the club had a lot of these outstanding and I believe they finish in August. They total about £5 million now left to pay. We have them covered and have created a surplus."

Stewart Donald has reassured supporters that despite the departure of our top scorer, come the closure of the transfer window we’ll have a squad capable of getting promoted: "I am very hopeful by the time the window shuts fans will see that I have kept my word and done my very best to support Jack," Donald tweeted. “I know the trust the fans have placed in me to get it right. It does take time to do the right deal which frustrates but not long now."

Meanwhile, John O'Shea has been chatting about the 'Sunderland 'Til I Die' documentary and reckons that "99%" of the players were against being constantly filmed off the field. "I have not watched all of it. I've lived through it so why would I need to watch it again?" said O'Shea. "From my point of view and I'd say 99% of the players, we didn't want it to happen. It's one of those things. You go in in the morning, go in for a little bit of treatment and you realise there's little mini cameras dotted around. The few bits I've seen, I'm glad the people of the club in the canteen, the player liaison officer, the kit men, they are really good people and I'm glad they have come out of it looking well," added O'Shea. “The club itself is an amazing, amazing club and I loved every minute of it as it's a great place to play football. Yes, the fans are passionate and vociferous but who doesn't want that? I'm glad it's getting good reviews. The people behind it were good people. You got to know the camera people but how things can be portrayed, with clever editing, for some of it I'd say it definitely came out unfair on some people. That's just how it was at the time as it was a negative story. It wasn't going to come out positive on everybody."