Hindsight: Wonderful Thing

What if we had beaten Luton? What if we hadn’t conceded a late equaliser to Scunthorpe? What if we weren’t beaten by Portsmouth? There’s been multiple times this season where it’s been difficult for us to not think about what could have been. In reality, we’ve still only lost twice all season, we’ve got one of the best strikers in the league; albeit he has been linked with a move away. The point is, we’re still doing very well even if there’s been a few times where questions have been asked. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

A lot of people decide that the glass is half empty, but we’ve had enough negativity in the past with back-to-back relegations. We need to keep the faith in Jack Ross and the squad because the season is far from over and there are still plenty of points to play for. A lot of his recruits have done tremendously well since arriving; the likes of Jon McLaughlin and Jack Baldwin are two that come to mind. Similarly, some of our long-term players have also shown a new aspect to their game, for instance Lee Cattermole. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

Many fans are also getting increasingly worried as we head reluctantly closer to the latter stages of the January window, with Jimmy Dunne still the only new arrival. There’s been a lot of players repeatedly linked with joining, Will Grigg being the stand out name but the search for a striker doesn’t appear to be getting any nearer. There’s still plenty of time, and as the closure edges nearer our chances of holding onto Josh Maja continue to slowly increase, and with his goal contribution this would be better than buying any striker.

Of course, I’m sure we can all agree that Sunderland AFC should never be anywhere near the position we are currently in, but we are and have to accept that and most of the current players are not to blame for this situation. Jack Ross is especially not to blame and the fact that he has left a stable St Mirren shows the magnitude of our club and his ambitions.

So let’s get behind the team, wait for the new players to arrive and believe that come May that we’ll be in one of the top two spots…