Ross On Striker Hunt

Jack Ross has opened up on our much publicised chase of Wigan striker Will Grigg. We've seen two bids for the Northern Ireland international knocked back, but we've not given up hope of landing him: "I've always been reluctant to comment on individual players," said Ross. "I know obviously Paul has done that at the weekend, so it's made it obvious that we have made a bid for him. He's a player that we would like to bring to the club. We have ten days left in which to do that, so it's something we would obviously like to make happen."

Grigg suffered an injury against Sheff Wed at the weekend, which could hold up a potential transfer. Ross explained: "It would depend on the player's fitness and how serious of an injury it is. Obviously I can't comment on that because I don't know. I wasn't at the game and he's not my player. Beyond that I would like to bring in one, maybe two, who would give us more depth in different areas of the pitch. And naturally, not lose anybody. The squad, although they've had some criticism of late, have managed to put themselves in a relatively good position going into the last few months of the season. If you lose important players it also gives you the conundrum of replacing them."

Ross then turned his attention to the Checkatrade trophy game tomorrow night. "We have taken the competition seriously from the start. My message has been consistent but now we are close to reaching a final and playing at Wembley. That should raise the excitement of the players. Naturally, we want to win the next two and get to the final."