On Yer Wyke!

Charlie Wyke is delighted to be back in the first team and scoring goals. He is also keen to sharpen up his match fitness after so long out, but is generally happy with how things are going. “This is the business end of the season now, and this is the best time to play football and hit form. We’ve got big games coming up against teams that are in and around us, and hopefully we can keep winning games and picking up points. We need to keep doing well in the league. It’s been hard not playing, but hopefully it means I’ll be fit and fresh in the second half of the season when other players who have played a lot more are starting to get a bit tired. It’s a hard league and there’s a lot of games, especially with the cup games. I’ve obviously missed a lot of games in the first half of the season, but I’m over that now and hopefully now I can keep getting fitter the more games I play. Hopefully, I’ll be a lot fitter and feel a lot better than the players I’m playing against. I’m a lot more ready now. I think I did rush things back a bit the first time. It was frustrating joining the club being injured, and I was desperate to try to get myself back. I think in my head I told myself I was alright, but the knee definitely wasn’t and that collision just made it a lot worse. Now, I feel back to normal and hopefully I can kick on from here. When the team’s winning and you’re on the injury table or the injury bed, it’s not very nice. You’re thinking, ‘When am I going to get back playing’. I’ve worked really hard to get back where I am, and thankfully I’m there now. I just want that to continue. When you play for clubs this size, you’re going to be competing for your place and every day is going to be hard work. You have to prove yourself every day, you can’t rest on your laurels, and hopefully I’ll keep doing that. I’ve missed a few chances, but I think I’ve been doing well in the games that I’ve played, and hopefully that continues. It is a different style we can play now – if it’s not working passing it short, we can go a bit longer and try to get on the second balls. It gives other people more chances and more space in which to play. The most important thing is to keep playing well and keep scoring goals. I’ve been doing a lot of hard work outside the box, and the more games you play, the sharper you get. You get those little movements inside the box right, and that allows you to get ahead of defenders. The more games I play, the sharper I’ll be. I’ve enjoyed playing with Josh. He gets about me with little flick ons and knock-downs. He’s always there, and I think we already have a good understanding. Hopefully, the more games we play, the better it gets. You can mix it up, it depends what game it is. I like it when Josh is in and around me because obviously it gives us both a bit more space. Hopefully, we can keep working together, score goals and keep progressing in the league.”

In other news, after completing the loan signing of a much-needed central defender in Jimmy Dunne, the club are now stepping up their pursuit of Wigan striker Will Grigg. For more info on Grigg click here