Can O'Nien Marry My Daughter

I’m a 52-year-old Sunderland fan who moved to Norwich in 1986. Although always passionate about SAFC, this season has really got me excited! If Maja goes, so be it, I actually trust the club to do the right thing and bring in people who care, which brings me onto Luke O'Nien.

Can he please marry my daughter! Not only is he a good-looking bloke, who happens to be very good at football, he is a lovely human being who epitomizes everything that is right about our wonderful football club. Who wouldn't want him as a son-in-law?!

Promotion would be great this season, but if it doesn't happen, let's all be sensible and appreciate what we've had this season, a full ground, phenomenal away support, a team that puts in 100% every week and owners that we can engage with. We could have been bust and in administration, but thanks to Ellis Short, he took a big hit for the good of the club, so although he made mistakes in executive appointments, he ultimately did the right thing in the end. Look at what fun we are having now! Just go ahead and enjoy it.