Catts: Point Gained

Lee Cattermole is determined to view the draw against Shrewsbury as a point gained, rather than two points dropped. He explained: "It's got to be a point gained, we've got to be positive about it. There'll be more draws through the season, I think we've come a long way so far and it shows that we're quite disappointed drawing at home. They sat in, they made it difficult for us and we chucked everything at them second half, but the ball just didn't drop for us today. We've picked four points up in a few days and it's points gained towards the end total which we want to get to try and get promoted. We didn't start the game particularly well. We had such a big buzz on Boxing Day and it's a tough time of the year to keep rattling games out. There's no excuses though, we came here and didn't start the game particularly well but we got going and managed to equalise with a great goal. Second half we couldn't do anymore to win the game, anyone who's at the game, you look at the amount of chances, amount of possession we had, we chucked everything at them. Second half there's no complaints, yeah we didn't start the game particularly well but I thought we had our best period of the game when they scored from a free-kick. It's a sloppy goal from a free-kick to concede but other than that I think we were very comfortable in the game."

Overall Catts feels we are heading in the right direction: “Generally, it's all been positive, it's been a great turnaround for the club and we're heading in the right direction," added Cattermole. "Let's stay positive, let's keep going, let's not get ahead of ourselves, that's important. It's too easy to think we should be winning the league, there's no given right for us to think we should be winning the league. If you go through our careers everyone's at different stages, we're a new team, new manager and we need to keep our feet firmly on the ground because it's going to be a long second half of the season. I'm confident what we've got in the dressing room, if we keep our mentality strong, if we stay positive, I think we'll be able to go all the way."

In other news, Jack Ross gave us an update on the future of both Josh Maja and Lynden Gooch. "Josh has been made an offer and a deadline has been set, which will bring things to a head one way or another, over the course probably over the next week. I'm still hopeful Josh will stay at the club but we're keen for a conclusion one way or another. I think that would be the conclusion of the week leading up to Charlton, I think that's accurate. I am not avoiding the question, it is not just my decision, as you can imagine. I am probably stating the obvious but I would just want to keep him at the club but I am also understanding of a business model that a club needs to operate to and how it views its assets, assets that may depreciate in value for very different reasons. Simply from player to manager, I would believe he would stay with the club because of the relationship I have with him and conversations I have had with him. But until anything is concluded either way, I couldn’t say for definite. Lynden is as far as I'm aware all but agreed, subject to paperwork. Until it's signed and registered, I believe that to be the case. On Lynden it's positive."