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Jack Ross has been chatting about the return of Duncan Watmore and his slow, but sure, reintroduction to the first team picture: “It’s been a big couple of weeks for him and I don’t think that should be forgotten. The best part of two years out of the game is a long time and you saw what he gives us again on Saturday. You can see it’s going to take time for him because he was probably catching his breath in the ten or 15-minute spell he had on the park because it’s so different. Nothing can replicate playing or prepare you for it, and league action is different [to the cup games he played previously], because of the intensity of it. It’s a question of how we use him during this busy period, and whether we use him in all the games because we’ve got to look at how his body is after each game but we’ve done that so far and the great thing now is he trusts what I’ve said to him,” Ross added. “We’ve never changed our mind with him because he did well during the week and I thought on Saturday he did well, which is great for him psychologically.”

Meanwhile, Charlie Wyke is hoping that the dark days are over and that he can return to the squad for the big Boxing Day match against Bradford. "It's been a long and frustrating six months, so it's good to finally be back out there and I'm enjoying every minute of it. When I first came back, something wasn't right and I was still getting aches and pains in my knee. I wasn't really confident in my knee when I came back last time and one collision made it happen again, so I've done an extra few weeks running and been more patient this time.”

In Netflix news, Lewis Grabban has admitted to being selfish during his time at Sunderland: "I didn't dislike playing at Sunderland, at all. But little things did start to make me question how the second half of the season was going to go. If you haven't really spoken to the new manager when he comes in, if you get taken off, I was starting to get whipped off at 65,70 minutes. I was thinking, 'I'm not sure that's for me'. Maybe it's a bit selfish but I just thought, nah."

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