Euro Giants Prepare For New Super League

Do you love watching football and are wondering how the new season? While the English Premier League has its own charm, other major football teams like Real Madrid are looking forward to a new vision for a Super League. So, what will the league have?

European football giants have been dreaming of a Euro Super League for over two decades. In 1998 a Milan based company known as Media Partners held detailed talks with major clubs who were in the Premier League to break away to form the Super League. England's biggest five clubs included Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City.

Recently documents were collected by German publication Der Spiegel, revealed that the Super League could be inevitable. According to the report, top European clubs are preparing themselves to break away and form the Super League in 2021.

What is the Super League?

If this is your first time to hear about the Super League then let me inform you about all you need to know. The European Super League is a concept which began back in the 1990s. It is based on a league which comprises of the richest football clubs in Europe. Although the idea did not kick rsene Wenger back in 2008, predicted that the idea would become a reality in 10 years.

Well with the recent publishing of Der Spiegel it seems the inevitable is closer than you can imagine. According to the report, the Super League would be independent of the UEFA which is the official football governing body in Europe.

The league would consist of sixteen teams who would compete in the group stages. The Super League is predicted to kick off in 2021.

Which teams are in the Super League?

According to the German publisher Der Spiegel there are 11 core founding members and five new guests. The 11 founders include clubs from Spain that is Barcelona and Real Madrid; clubs from England Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City; Italy clubs Juventus and AC Milan; France's clubs Paris Saint-Germain and Germany's Bayern Munich.

These 11 members are immune to relegation and they are guaranteed a spot in the Super League for the next twenty years.

The five additional guests include Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Inter, Roma and Marseille. However, these members would join the Super League on a rotational basis. Moreover, it is reported that these guests would need to play a second league of teams in order for them to qualify for the Super League.

The report which was leaked by Der Spiegel shows that the document which dates in 2018 is waiting for the teams to sign it.

What will happen when the Super League is introduced?

The Champions League is the most watched sporting event each year. There are rumours swirling around that the Super League will replace the Champions League.

According to the document the participants of the Super League will receive more financial privileges than the Champions League. This is the lure of the Super League.