The Roker End!

Sunderland AFC and Red and White Army have announced that The South Stand will be renamed The Roker End, the renaming ceremony will take place on Boxing Day v Bradford City. Over 13,000 fans voted in the poll and The Roker End was the overwhelming winner with 70% of the vote.

Chairman of the RAWA, Andrew Hird, said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for supporters to come together and help give our stadium a greater sense of identity, and they answered the call with thousands participating. The Roker Roar is synonymous throughout football for being loud and representative of our city, and we want the Stadium of Light’s Roker End to carry on that tradition and recapture Roker Park’s stirring atmosphere. The club have been open and honest in their communication with supporters from day one, and they too are passionate about restoring the Stadium of Light to its former glory, as we saw with the Big Seat Change. This is the first of many projects RAWA are working on with the club and other supporters’ groups, and there is much more to come.”

Charlie Methven, added: “This has been a fantastic exercise to go through with RAWA and the rest of the supporters’ groups. To have over 13,000 vote, in such a short space of time, is almost unprecedented and demonstrates Sunderland fans’ passion for their club and its history. As away fans, Stewart and I were always very aware of Roker Park and its reputation, and it’s good that a new generation of SAFC supporters will now be able to feel that direct link with that famous past.”

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