Matthews’ Future

Jack Ross has been chatting about Adam Matthews’ future. The defender has one year left on his deal and although he’s not on £2.5m a year like Catts and Oviedo, he falls into the next category down, in terms of wages, so is still a high earner, as is Aidan McGeady. To put that into context they both earn four times more than Jack Baldwin and Lynden Gooch.

Ross said: "I like him. I knew Ad from Celtic. What I would say is that in the last couple of months he has shown what he is as a player, he has started getting back to looking like the player I believe he should be. We’ve had a couple of conversations and I think it’s to his credit that he has wanted to do that If we are playing in the Championship next year, it makes all these conversations [about contracts] easier, but we can’t predict that with certainty at the moment. So at the moment there is some uncertainty about how we move forward and how the player moves forward. At the start of the season we went with a back three so he was played slightly out of position. Thereafter he had a couple of games where, by his own admission, he wasn’t quite at it and we left him out. When you think about where Adam is and the football he has played - in the Champions League with Celtic, international football with Wales - then it was up to us to say to him ‘make sure you don’t think that’s it’. He’s still young. I like him and from an individual point of view I get on well with him, I enjoy speaking to him about his game. He took that conversation on board, he’s really kicked on from there and I think he will get better and the season goes on because there is still more to show. He’s been a good player for us over the last couple of months. On paper, I knew I had a good full-back because his performances at Celtic were very good - and there were reasons why he was attractive to Sunderland, because of his consistency, he’s quick, he’s powerful, he can defend well, and he has got a lot of good attributes. I’d say from Day One he has been great for me in training, I’ve just wanted to see it in games and in the last seven or eight games he has shown that."

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