Stu Craic

Stewart Donald has been chatting about our plans for recruitment in January and his 'cheeky' attempt to re-sign Jermain Defoe. "We did a lot of work in the first transfer window, not quite as much as we thought we would but I think we made real progress in that. If we can get Duncan and Charlie back into that squad, then it shouldn’t need that much more to keep the momentum up and have a strong finish. Jack would like a couple potentially. We may look at a striker depending on - making sure Charlie comes back. I think we are comfortable in midfield, we think we have got enough wingers. Possibly a centre-back addition - top-end and back-end of the pitch just to make sure we have got enough numbers and enough quality. I asked in the summer if we could and the answer came we couldn’t. We might ask again but it was a pretty strong no. It was a cheeky request though! I was wondering if they might contribute to his wages."

Donald also touched on Charlie Methven’s proposals to change the club crest. “The club badge isn’t for Charlie or I or the board to change, it’s for the fans. The fans should have a say on whether they’re comfortable with it. If it was Roker Park, I wouldn’t even consider it, I don’t think.”

Despite only owning SAFC for six months, Stewart Donald reckons he’s had people trying to invest in the club already! Donald explained: "We get approaches quite regularly with regards to people either trying to buy a part of the club or take control of it. These people wanted to acquire 60 per cent of the football club, I can tell you that. It was a decent financial offer from people that were funded well enough but not, I think, a better option at this stage than Juan [Sartori] and I. At this stage it wasn't in Sunderland's best interests to entertain even trying to progress that. So we said to the people involved 'not at the moment, thank you'."

In other news, Jack Baldwin reckons that we’ve settled into League One and silenced our doubters. “Teams may have seen us come down and thought we’d try and strut our stuff in League One, but we’ve shown we can dig in and play the ugly way, it’s not all pretty football. At times we’ve had to dig in and defend for our lives, and as defenders, that’s what we love doing, putting our bodies on the line. I think that will instil some fear into other teams now that, ‘Actually, they mean business’. That’s what we’re here to do. We’re looked at as one of the favourites, if not the favourites in this league, so the question’s there week in, week out and we’ve got a group of boys that thrive on that. Winning games is a habit, as is losing games, and we like to think we’re getting into a winning habit. Once those wheels get turning, it’s hard to stop, so it’s good that things are coming together defensively. Back-to-back clean sheets add a real solidity to our squad, and it’s a great platform and foundation for us. Winning games week in, week out is what we play football for. You don’t want to lose every week so we’ll enjoy it, but at the same time, we’ll get our heads down and prepare for the next one.”

Please note, there will be a minute’s silence ahead of kick off on Saturday, in memory of those who lost their lives in the tragic accident at Leicester City on Saturday. Supporters are asked to take their seats early in order to observe the silence in the appropriate manner.

Finally, we have been allocated 4,195 tickets for Port Vale away in the FA Cup. Tickets will go on sale on Thursday, November 1 to season card holders with 10 or more Black Cat points. All season card holders will be able to purchase tickets on Friday, November 2, before they go on general sale on Monday, November 5. Tickets are priced at £15 for adults, £10 for over-65s and under-22s while under-18s will pay £5. You can find more information by visiting the club's website. To book travel with ALS click here