Methven & Ross on Djilobodji

Charlie Methven and Jack Ross have been discussing Papy Djilobodji's return to SAFC. The player was originally due back in July but managed to tip up at the AOL this morning, 72 days late. Charlie Methven said: “The club is considering its legal options. The two cases (Djilobodji' and Ndong) aren’t identical in that finally Papy Djilobodji has turned up, but nonetheless turning up in the first week of September rather than at the beginning of August in a fit condition to play, as was agreed. There is an internal procedure going on to determine whether he is fit to play.”

Jack Ross added: “Papy is obviously back but, beyond that, because of how the situation has developed and probably will continue to develop, it’s not really for me to comment on it,” said Ross. “Stewart [Donald, Sunderland’s owner] and Charlie [Methven] are the only ones who will comment on how his future lies and how it will develop, for understandable reasons. It would have been best to find a solution a long time ago, and that still remains the case. The one thing we have worked hard to do is to build a good spirit within the group quickly, and the players have done that really well. They appreciate that and we want to maintain that. It’s something we are conscious of and that’s how we’ve approached every player we have brought to the club.”