Sartori Speaks

Juan Sartori has given a candid interview to the Uruguayan press, where he chats about his vision for our wonderful club. His South America passion for the game comes through. "Sunderland FC will demand a lot of work but we see great potential. It has a very important infrastructure, facilities "top class", the base is, with one of the main English stadiums. But something is missing, otherwise it would not be in the situation that is. We have the skills, and especially the desire to put the effort and dedication to reach a very good port, something that deserves both the staff and their fans, dedicated and loyal. There are no excuses for a club of this magnitude not to be successful. Now we must make good decisions and have a little common sense. Because, in the end, in football the results matter, win. And that's what we're trying to change."

Sartori on his first game at the SOL: “It was the realization of a dream that I have had since I was a child and that I share with millions of people who carry football in their blood. It was just the first game of the season, but I already felt the importance and responsibility of the project with more than 30 thousand people in the stadium. And we won, with a goal in the 96th minute! But the dream will be fulfilled when we take this club to the top and we fulfil our idea and people feel it, in that we keep working.”

Juan on why Sunderland are special: “Sunderland is one of the largest clubs with the longest history in England, with first class infrastructure and an almost Uruguayan passion, very passionate and knowledgeable. But after two years of bad decisions the club was in a very bad state. It seemed like a unique opportunity to get involved and how it has been in all the other projects in my life to try to take it back to the top. In this new venture there is no doubt that two great motivations are mixed passion and vision but also the goal of developing a project that is successful in sports and business. I would say that they have to go together if they are thinking about achieving something important in the long term. I will spend some bad nights, we will lose some game... but I am convinced that we can build a "Uruguayan" club in England, that with claw compete with the best in the world.”

Sartori on what he can bring to Sunderland: “The desire to win and the vision have to be, but also to do things well within a long-term strategy. Whether it is a company, a football team or a country, I believe that the requirements and methods to achieve great things are the same. My interest is in the possibility of generating opportunities for all the talent we have in Uruguay and that the project grows and is recognized in the world.”