Pre Luton Round Up

Well we travel to Kenilworth Road today to play Luton and so much has changed since we last played them there in the league under Roy Keane. That day in 2007 we beat them 5-0, won the league and relegated Luton. It seemed we’d never play them in the league again after that visit, but here we are. We have fallen, and they have risen back from the abyss.

Jack Ross knows it won’t be easy: “You can do as much home work as you want on a team and then the team plays in a different way, like Charlton did. We have done a lot of preparation, but that could change come matchday. It is another test, I thought it was a really big test on Saturday gone and then away from home this Saturday, their first home game of the season, where they have a good home record last season. This is one of the toughest away games we could have faced at the start. If we can come out of these two games with good results, then that’s a good start.”

Ross is also delighted to have Bryan Oviedo in the squad, even if the Costa Rican would prefer to be playing at a higher level. “Bryan seems alright,” said Ross. “He is a fairly relaxed guy anyway. All the communication I have had with him, to see his mood on the training pitch, I think he has enjoyed what we are doing and how we do it. There has not been any time since he came back that I have found him to be surly or disappointed he is here. He is positive all the time. If you weren’t really content I don’t think he would have produced the performance he did on Saturday. That was reflective of somebody who is fairly happy at the moment. We will wait to see how things pan out over the next few weeks. I don’t know if we can afford to keep him. At the moment I am not under any duress to not consider any players for my squad for those reasons. In that sense I just get on with it. There has never been any communication to me, saying don’t consider Bryan or Lee Cattermole because of their contractual situations. I am just making the best use of what I have got. I have always taken the players as I find them. Bryan was slightly different because he came in slightly later. I got off to a good start with him because I gave him extra time off after the World Cup. Since he has come in, he has trained well. He has been receptive to everything asked of him and he has been around the squad. He hasn’t played with us much, so we needed an understanding of what we were trying to do. Circumstances meant we had the opportunity to use him earlier on Saturday. His performance level was great in the game, he has been great in training this week. There are some players who have always been the subject of more attention for fairly obvious reasons but I have taken each and every one of them as I have found them. Bryan and Lee have been nothing but receptive to what we are trying to do. That’s credit to them. I think he, like a number of players, will have his own ambitions and aspirations in terms of the level he plays the game. The contractual aspect is probably above my level, naturally as a manager you just want to pick the best players you have but I have always had an understanding of the economics of it. Can I say without absolute certainty he will still be here at the end of the month? I couldn’t but I would probably say that about all the players who fall into that bracket. There are big decisions for the club, that’s where he is at the moment. Every single day he comes in, he does things properly. I enjoy working with him. We will see how it pans out in the next couple of weeks.”